The air conditioning and heating systems are not working in Dunbar Hall, the academic building that is home to the Speech and Theatre, Music, and Art departments.

There are not enough teachers in Dunbar, and classes are being closed. There is a shortage of computers and space for the choir. The building itself is falling apart.

These are the problems that the students affected by conditions in Dunbar Hall have presented to President Horace Judson. They say that so far no help has been offered.

“Music is the only department without some kind of computer lab for us to do our work,” one major said. “Our building was suppose to have a groundbreaking in April. Here it is September and no groundbreaking. And we don’t know where the new building will be.”

A list of demands was given President Judson, which said that if nothing is done by Oct. 15th, some members of the Student Government Association, the marching band, nursing students, the university’s choir and a handful of other students will protest. They will march from President Judson’s house to Long-Jones Hall.

The building itself seems to be the priority for the students seeking redress to their grievances. They say the building should be condemned but they still have to attend classes, study and work there.

The lack of class availability due to shortage of teachers was also high on the list of conditions to be addressed. The students noted that when classes are not offered regularly in sequence, it increases the time it takes to graduate.

While the Art Department has recently received new computers, music students noted that their department has no computers.

“The music department, band and choir are present at almost every university convocation and represents well, yet we have to practice in a hot band room or in another building,”

more than one student has been heard to say.

“I believe President Judson is doing only what Baton Rouge is letting him,” said Tiffany Johnson. “Baton Rouge has all the power. I don’t believe that they want Grambling to stand and look like other schools in the system and their buildings and facilities.

“Grambling is far behind. Why? Johnson asked.

“I believe our president is for our university. He should be asking Baton Rouge why? Or does he really care?”