Students outraged with visitation regulations

    Many Gramblinites are not seeing a difference between staying at home under the supervision of their parents and living in on-campus housing at Grambling State.

As of now, on-campus residents are allowed no visitation rights in their rooms by visitors of the opposite sex.

Laura Allen, a freshman from Chicago, Illinois says, "I feel that college is a stepping stone for us to be on our own. We pay tuition just as we would if we rented an apartment, so we should be allowed to have the guests of our own choosing. Rules are fine, but we are young adults so the rules should be a lot more lenient than they are now." Allen is no the only one who’s angry.

Murry "Murk" Wagner, a freshman from Lafayette, said, "I feel as though having no coed visitation is wrong because homosexuals can freely have visitation.

However heterosexuals cannot. That’s not equal opportunity."

If the reason for not having visitation is because of a fear of sexual intimacy among students, then the problem still hasn’t been solved because same-sex relationships are becoming more and more common. The rules are only hindering to heterosexuals.

Other students, such as Cameron Simmons of Boynton Beach, Fl., feel that Grambling is being way too inflexible, "Grambling refuses to change. We as grown people should be allowed visitation whenever, however, and wherever we would like it to be. I think administration is being too strict and inconsiderate of the rights of the student body. This is one of the main reasons that I moved off-campus!"

The inflexibility of Grambling’s policy has begun to deter students from living on-campus altogether. The idea of having visitation with no restrictions or limitations is appealing but there are negative outcomes to be considered also.

Mark "Heavy" of Cincinnati, Ohio, says, "I don’t believe it’s fair [not to have visitation] because we’re grown a** people! On the other hand, it’s good we don’t have visitation because people get raped."

Mark’s statements give some warning to those people that are overly eager to have open visitation, there is the threat of not being protected from rape from opposite sex visitors. But rape can still come from a same-sex offender under current conditions, so there is no full proof way to ensure safety.