Grambling Lab teachers walk out, raises the cause

    This past Tuesday morning there was a call stating there were no teachers at the Grambling high lab school. About four teachers did not show up to classes which start at 8:00. Students were filed into the gym while waiting for the school to find substitutes to come so classes could begin.

This was not a walk out, they just did not show up leaving students without teachers, although lesson plans were left for students. The protest comes in light of discrepencies in the teachers pay.. Apparently it was a 3 percent pay raise across the state and these teachers were to receive these funds over a month ago. The money had yet to be deposited in their accounts before the protest. According to Ralph Wilson the spokesperson for Grambling, there were no prior warnings or situations that led up to this, it simply "just happened". However, they are currently working with the teachers to try to fix the problem as quickly as possible. The rest of the details are sketchy. Wilson also noted that he had little information about the walk out. The principal Larry Lewis declined to comment on the matter. The teachers are expected to return when their money is deposited.