Citizens elect Andrus for second term

Mayor Martha Woodard Andrus was elected for her second term in Saturday’s open primary election. Andrus says she is excited by her reelection since it offers her the chance to propose projects to improve the city’s economic development. "Economic development is an ongoing process and I’m here to see that Grambling gets it," Andrus said. Completing the Grambling Walking Trail and Pinetree Sewer Project and bringing in a local grocery store are the present projects that Andrus is working to complete during her second term. Another project, which is near completion, is the renovation of the city’s recreation center. According to Andrus, the refurbished facility will be open to the public next week. The recreation center is located on Park Street, behind the fire station on Stadium Drive. Mayor Andrus is looking toward the future, but she acknowledged those who put her in office.