Ludacris provides some therapy for your soul

"Six years and counting, if you think I’m a joke/Me getting served is like Bill Gates and Oprah going broke," Luda spits on the "Intro" of Release Therapy.Once again, Ludacris delivered the goods. After putting out one of his best albums The Red Light District, it was hard to think he could still deliver on another album. Believe it or not, Luda proved the naysayers wrong.There is a delightful blend of melodies and club bangers on the album. "Money Maker," the lead-off single, is one of the club bangers that get the ladies to "shake what ya’ momma gave ya’." "Girls Gone Wild" has a nice bounce to it, and Luda spits lyrics so fast that you may need to rewind to catch everything he says.The song also has fellow A-Town representer Young Jeezy on "Grew Up to be a Screw Up," which samples Notorious B.I.G. voice. Luda also tells how the fame changed how people viewed him, saying "from alright to handsome, from one room to mansions/from hanging on the block to throwing parties in the Hamptons."Another banger on the Therapy is the soul-bearing "Mouths To Feed." Luda tells how he has to make ends meet to feed his daughter and paying his crew’s salaries, because "paychecks are coming up shorter than February."Luda also does a similar-to-"Splash Waterfalls" track with "Woozy." With some help from R. Kelly, Luda tells the ladies how he’d like them to take some sips so they can feel woozy, with R. Kelly delivering the usual vocals.Getting serious, Luda delivers "Tell it Like it Is." Here, Luda explains how the rap industry isn’t "what it’s cracked up to be." He also lets aspiring artists know about how to set up label and how the government has a task force on hip-hop.The most controversial track on Therapy is "War With God." Many people have said Luda represents the Devil due to the fact that the chorus is a sampled Billy Paul track. There is also talk that Luda throws disses to T.I. with the line: "How many times is you gon’ trap without busting your guns?"Moving on, "Do Your Time" is a track for those who are serving time. Luda starts the track off, "I dream that I could tell Martin Luther we made/But half of my Black brothers are still incarcerated."On "Slap" and "Runaway Love," Luda gets serious again. With "Slap," Luda talks about the things that are bothering most of America, including gas prices and the war in Iraq. With "Runaway Love," Luda talks about children who get abused, using his nine-year old niece as an example.The last track "Freedom of Preach" is where Luda is found in the church, giving a testimony. Here, he spits over a mellow track with no profanity. He also apologizes for his mistakes, finally understanding the Lord’s will, saying "I’m 28 years old, and it just now started making sense."Overall, Therapy is a definite must have. Therapy is one of Luda’s best albums, and he has only improved from a dismal Chicken-N-Beer. Ludacris is definitely at the top of his game.