Kappas are changing their focus from social to service projects

    The Gamma Psi chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi hosted the seminar entitled "Ask a Brother" on Wednesday, Sept. 20 in the Favrot Student Union. Judging by the triple digit attendance of women ranging from first semester freshmen to various women of the Pan Hellenic council and the Student Government Association, this was a topic that the population of Grambling State University had to be addressed.

"The fraternity did a good job of tackling the issues," said Tyra White. The chapter Polemarch Aubrey Jackson stated, "Our goal was to bring the women together and serve as a loudspeaker for their opinion on the issues of men and relationships."

    The men of Kappa Alpha Psi held a discussion forum inviting women to ask any question that they felt needed to be presented and brothers of the fraternity we not hesitant to entertain all facts the women wanted to know. Many of the women in attendance of the seminar felt strongly about their view towards men and questioned the reason for the seminar.

    The mediator of the event Mike Terrell commented "We wanted to show the campus we do more than just throw parties and twirl canes." The questions ranged from basic questions like "Why is it so hard to tell what a man is feeling," to "Why do guys feel that sex is needed in relationships?"

Although the seminar was based toward the inquires of today’s woman, some men came to the event to hear some of the important topics that were discussed.

    Nyle Dixon felt that "The women asked little boy questions and not questions for grown men, for women they were very loud." The brothers of the fraternity wanted to make the women of the seminar feel as comfortable as possible by providing refreshments and pushed for attendance so that all aspects of life would be addressed. When asked if the event was considered a success, Vice Polemarch Demetrius Scott felt that "The difficult we do, the impossible we strive for."

    Obviously, not all problems of relationships were addressed in the seminar, but the fraternity took on a vast amount of topics and assured the attendees of the seminar that this will not be the last time that the chapter will host events to smooth out some of the questions that exist on the campus of Grambling State.

This year the fraternity plans to focus more on service. Fraternity members plan to work in McCall cafeteria every Monday during lunch. They plan visits to the Methodist Children’s Home and health seminars. "We have a lot of good things planned for this school year," said Aubrey Jackson, Polemarch of the Gamma Psi chapter. "We’ve already set the tone for our community service in which we helped the freshmen move into their dorms, as well as our service in McCall Cafeteria that we will do every Monday," said Jackson. "We’ve also developed a new website where we will inform every one of our activities as well as other information about the fraternity," he said. The website’s address is www.gammapsinupes.com, check us out!" Vice Polemarch, Demetrius Scott explained, "We will strive for excellence in every form, shape, or fashion in this dynamic fraternity. I believe that nothing is impossible when it comes to working with a great group of hard working, dedicated, and passionate undergraduate brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi. This fraternity is setting the bar each and everyday for achievement and we refuse to accomplish nothing less than that."Josiah Ford contributed to this article