GSU revenue expected to top $94M

Grambling State University officials recently submitted its tentative budget for fiscal year 2006-2007 to the University of Louisiana System .

Most notable in the submitted budget was the total revenue expected by GSU standing at $94.7 million. These funds are mainly generated from general registration fees ($12 million), nonresident fees ($7 million), academic excellence fee ($1.3 million, and federal funds ($19.1 million).

With GSU’s expenditures hovering around $52.5 million, the total unallocated funds stands at $42.2 million. It is not clear if the $42.2 million will be used to help build the new dorms and student center or for what other purposes.

Some students have some ideas on what they would like the funds to be used for.

"The money can be spent on equipment and different projects around campus," said Cortez McNairy. "You have so many things that need to be fixed."

McNairy also hopes that the money will help project a more positive image for the university.

"You make (the university) seem all high and mighty, but when (people) get here, it’s s***," the sophomore said, referring to the image on the university Web site.

"If you love your school, and you don’t want anybody to talk bad about it, help it!"

Carnisha Daniels has some idea how she would like the money to be used as well.

"They should give more scholarships," she said. "We have too many people who depend on financial aid."

The unallocated funds could also be expected to fill 671 total full-time funded positions. The budget also showed several raises to employees at GSU. President Horace Judson received a raise of $9,792, upping his salary to $172,992.

Students were shocked.

"I think it’s ridiculous," said Daniels. "We have too many underpaid faculty and staff who have been here for years."

Myosha Jackson was also stunned.

"I disagree wholeheartedly," said Jackson, a senior. "I don’t see any basis for it. He hasn’t accomplished anything, so why does he need a raise?"

The budget acquired by The Gramblinite was tentative and may be adjusted.


Some of the annual salaries in the tentative budget:

n Horace Judson, $172,992

n Billy Owens, $157,590

n Melvin Spears, $156,000

n Robert Dixon, $132,500

n Henry Banks, $120,000

n Karen Martin, $119,600

n Troy Matthieu, $118,000