Green kicks off ‘Show Me Your Soul’ and releases ‘Idol Reality

Harold is doing it again, but his second time around, he is adding a bit more hip-hop to his flavor.Harold Green along, with Larry Jackson, both natives of Chicago teamed up to release a mix tape titled Idol Reality Vol 1."This is the missing piece needed," said Green as he emphasizes the comparison between hip-hop music and his poetry. Green was first introduced to poetry during Christmas time a few years ago, when he discovered that he wanted to give everyone in his family something meaningful for Christmas. After sitting down and taking the time out to write each poem form the heart, his sister influenced him to move forward. "I was so nervous," said Green as he thinks back to the very first time that he had to ever recite his lyrics in front of his church.While Green was reciting poetry to his family, Jackson started rapping in the eighth grade battling other students as a hobby during lunch. Everyday after school, Jackson and his best friend would sit down together and make up lyrics to battle with the other kids that next day."It was what the cool kids were doing at the time," said Jackson, laughing.Although, they started off from two totally different backgrounds, Green and Jackson who form the group City Limits say coming together to make this mix tape was easy. "It only took about three sessions to get it done, but if we could have spent a whole day in the studio, then it would have been done in a day," said Green.Students enjoy Harold’s unique approach to hip hop and poetry."It has lots of soul and it is on another level," said Latisha Brookfield, a student who purchased the mix tape.Green felt that Larry’s hip hop rhymings were an important element to his second mix tape."People can get tired hearing someone speaking over the beats. Larry gives the mix tape a lighter feel. It’s groove music," said Green.But "Idol Reality" isn’t the only project on Green’s plate. Last Thursday was the premiere of "Show Me Your Soul", a weekly open mic hosted by Green at Catherine’s Dance Studio.The first segment was a huge success, leaving standing room only.Green said he wanted the students to have an outlet in which students could express them and something cultural that Grambling students could enjoy.