All about sex,drugs,and scores

Everybody already knows what this column is about so there is no need to explain my column this week. One thing that I feel that I do need to say is don’t you people go stopping me in the street talking negative about this week’s column because this is my opinion and I’m not particularly interested in how much you don’t like it. When I say sex, drugs, and touchdowns I am referring to the things going on in the sport of football whether it be high school , college, or the pros. All too often football players get away with murder because they are athletes and they perform in front of thousands of people. It is my opinion that football players get way too much leniency when they step outside the law or commit immoral or illegal acts that a normal person would be prosecuted for. This recent incident with star wide receiver Terrell Owens is yet another example of how football players live above the law. People attempt suicide everyday and do not even get a bottom line scroll on the news, but T.O. does it and every news station in the world pauses it’s regular news and broadcasts everything T.O. related. Even in the old days football players where able to get away with everything under the sun. Cowboys Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin was caught with drugs and prostitutes and he still managed to not only not get in trouble but is still headed to the hall. I sincerely hope that one day in the near future people will wake up and realize that if they punish these people and not let them get away with murder, they will get these athletes to understand that they are not above the law. Wendell Graves is a graduate student from Shreveport.