A reality check on everyday life is needed

Everyday that we live on earth, problems occur in our life. Whether they are personal, family, medical, problems do occur. We tend to focus our mind and energy on these problems, but think about it. Is this the right way to live? As a Gramblinite writer, I like to provide you with news, important information, but most importantly, major points on life. As a member of Tiger Land, I wish the best of luck to everybody in their quest to a degree, but note a few things. Several students come to Grambling with an ambition to get a degree. Why? They plan to get a great job. What they want to do with that job? They want to live a good life with fancy cars and big homes. That’s all great, because I wish to live that way as well. But let’s think of how we are selling ourselves short of doing that. Missing class because you are tired or just planning on doing something else is a way. Teachers tend to give pop quizzes and will not let you re-take them without, and even sometimes with, an excuse. They also take points off for being absent. Showing up on test day only isn’t going to do you any good. You must understand that after graduation, the quest to a good job isn’t over. What about those graduates from Southern, Duke, Yale, UCLA, etc.? Also, just going to school everyday isn’t going to payoff unless you get involved. What is the point in majoring in a department, when you don’t get involve in the clubs that offer you more experience? For example, if you are a Mass Communication major, why not write for the Gramblinite or work in the TV Center, or broadcast in the Radio station for more experience and faster acceptance into interns? Don’t sell yourself short. Now into some more deeper details… What do we call problems? While you are in college, you have no problems. You have what I call "Life." Whatever you are going through is not anything different from someone else that may have already done it and conquered it. We tend to let our problems get over us and then people give up on their dreams. We claim to come back to school later because we need to make money now or we have to take care of a baby. Personally, I believe that making money and having a child is a beautiful thing, but if you can’t handle it, don’t put yourself in that situation where you have to give up all of your dreams for it. There are plenty of people around the world, who would love to be in school studying, having fun, making friends, and have a secure future for their dreams. People would love to be in your shoes, but they can’t. They may not be able to afford it, or didn’t have the grades in high school and wish they could go back. Don’t throw away your chance. Don’t let a male or female stop you from your dreams. Romance may find you happiness, but romance is not going to find you a career. If you are having relationship problems, handle that on your free time. Don’t let the bad thoughts take over your mind and you fall off on your dreams. I use to know some guys who had big dreams. They had plans of being basketball stars, making money, living the good life. You know what happened to them? Two dead, one in jail, three started drug dealing, and two quit school. None of that should have happened if they stuck to their words and follow their goals. For the exception of the two deaths, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and even then, I know they wish they could have fulfilled their dream. We are still here and still alive so obviously, there is something out their for us. If their wasn’t, we would be non-existent. Also, I want to talk about something even more serious. I am not the best person in the world, but after the death of two guys I once knew, I believe it’s time to get it together. You never know when your time is going to come. Age doesn’t prevent us from death. Some people don’t know what’s on that other side. Some people don’t know if they are going to heaven or hell. Now is the time to know. I hate to see young people, even older people, good people inside, live a bad life and do the wrong things, and then I have to witness their death. I hate to think the worst, but that is a problem that we all think about at funerals. Now is the time to get that Reality Check for real. Make sure you got YOU right. If you want to be a Lawyer, do that. Be the best that you can be. Don’t be the worst; don’t be the laziest; you want to succeed; don’t fall short. I promise, money is going to be bigger, women/men still are going to want you, you still can get those cars and homes that you may dream of. Know who your friends are. At this point, you don’t need friends that are going to stab you in the back. They can make you and they can break you, but like the saying goes… "Cut your grass everyday, so you can see the snakes everyday." Remember, regardless of success or downfall, take time to thank the man himself every now and then at least in a word of prayer. At least you are still here, trying to live your dream, and it hasn’t been cut short yet. I’m not saying everyone has to do what I do, but make a plan and follow it all the way through. Through all the ups and downs, please succeed. Failure is not an option. I am going to stick to my plan, because I know if my two friends had a second chance, they would much rather succeed in their goals, then having to die. But for now, let them rest in peace, and I know I will see them one day again. I am going to make it for them.Chris Harmon is a sophomore mass communication major from Monroe.