Zetas hold Sidewalk Show

It was a slow start at the Psi Beta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta annual sidewalk show, but once the music began vibrating from the speakers an influx of people began to show. Non-Greeks combined along with members of the Pan-Hellenic council to get the show started.

Many students were very excited about seeing members of several organizations come together for a good cause.

Auctavia Grant, of Long Beach, Calif, said, “the show was very exciting. I really enjoyed the Kappas.”

The sidewalk is an annual event the Zetas put on to the help benefit a rare disease called Lupus. The show was free to the public but for all Greeks and non-Greeks a small donation was given.

According to Ashley Curry, member of Zeta Phi Beta, the prupose was to raise money for the people involved with the Lupus Foundation and getting the Greeks and non- Greeks together on one accord to show unity so more students on campus will get involved.

Organizations stepped to the latest songs by the DJ. The Gamma Gamma chapter of Omega Psi Phi won first place on the fraternity side and the Delta Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Theta won first place on the soroity side. Kappa Kappa Psi took home first place on the non-Greek side.