World Famed Tiger Marching Band hindered by others

At first, I was going to write a column responding to the accusations made about my column two weeks ago. Now, I realize that the ones who make such absurd comments are the ones who didn’t read the column carefully.

I will say this final thought on that column: I did not mean all Black women, and in no way was I trying to make you feel disrespected.

Now that the misconceptions are out of the way, let’s get to this week’s column. A lot of people come to Grambling for many things. They’ve heard of our legendary football team, band, and academics.

However, something’s not right this year. I’m not as crunk as I normally am at games anymore. Then, I realized something: our band isn’t playing like it used to.

Being a spectator, I was furious. Our band is supposed to rock the house at all times. No matter who’s on the other side of the field, our band is supposed to prove that they’re the World Famed Tiger Marching Band.

The two games I attended (Hampton and U of H), I expected our band to do what it always did. I expected them to have Grambling fans rocking in their seats and taunting the other band.

Imagine my surprise when the other band played more than ours. Imagine my surprise when I was told that the other band sounded better in the press box. I was shocked. Not Grambling!

I am a loyal Grambling State University fan, student, and soon-to-be alum (Spring 07!). I cannot stand it when people talk about our band. Yet, I must admit – Hampton did sound pretty good and so did U of H.

After the game, I did what anybody would do: I jumped on the band for not performing up to par. Then, the truth came out. At the Hampton game, ESPN was broadcasting the game live.

The rules for that game were the bands could only play when ESPN said it was OK. However, Hampton completely ignored that rule toward the end of the game. I honestly believe them ignoring the rule gave Hampton an unfair advantage.

I was at the U of H game, and it seemed as if GSU didn’t play ANY songs. I was highly upset again and proceeded to jump on the band again. Then, I found out another truth.

U of H permitted our band from playing, threatening to fine them if they played while U of H’s band played. Needless to say, U of H’s band played the entire game, giving Grambling under 10 times to play.

Now, I am pumped up for the Cotton Bowl Classic. There, I plan to see our band out-perform Prairie View as always. However, I do expect a different field show from the last two games too. Let’s get some more excitement into it.

To end this column, I will say the band may not have performed up to par this season, but something has always prevented them from doing so. This upcoming game, I expect nothing less of the World Famed Tiger Marching Band.