Student Union has new face

Along with all the new faces that you may see here on campus, Gregory Evans is one that is new to the GSU family. He is the new Student Union Board Director. Born in Greenwood, Miss., Evans is a graduate of Jackson State University where he received his bachelor of arts in English, and began working on his Master’s in Educational Administration, which he plans to finish while at Grambling State. He is the father of two sons, and just recently became a grandfather. Although he is new to Grambling, he has held positions as a director for nearly 18 years. “Grambling was one of the top three colleges I chose to attend as an undergrad, but my mother wanted me to stay home”, said Evans. He accepted the job here at GSU because of the involvement of the students, and Grambling’s football team and band. ‘Here, I see a strong need to provide more leadership development” said Evans. He wants to be able to provide students with the resources to work with administration and to pursue the student body. He also wants to sort off policy and operational changes so that the student union board can serve the students in a better way. “One of the biggest challenges that I have encountered as a student union director is trying to build a program, creating services, or trying to change the mindsets of how and what should be done to improve services for students”, said Evans. “Students should be our top priority.” There are four hallmarks that Evans plans to implement as Director of the student union board. Since the organization is fiscally responsible, he plans to provide adequate, quality, and outstanding services for students. “I want people to say those are some of the greatest students that I’ve ever seen,” said Evans about Grambling. He wants students to utilize their talents and expertise to their maximum potential. Last, but not least, he wants to provide growth opportunities for students, whether it’s leadership, mentoring, or social and entertainment venues. A piece of advice that Evans gives to students who would some day like to hold his position is that they must be an organized planner, a rational thinker, make sure that it’s something that they really want to do, and that they have the integrity and honesty to deal with people. “I have a passion to serve students, and wouldn’t want to have any other position,” Evans said.