Need Beats?

The ATL Crunk sound, snapping fingers and party hits have taken over the rap game. Grambling student Brandon Richardson alias Rich Boi has released Need Beats? Vol.1. This album is for all the artists who need beats, hence the name. It is not often you hear an album that is suitable for the entire family, even toddlers can listen to this album. An instrumental album is what this game needs. With everybody wanting to be an entertainer, there must be some unheard talent that hasn’t been heard because they didn’t have the skill to make beats or record in a studio. Now anybody with a computer can take these beats and create a whole album if they wish. When asked why he created this album Rich responded ” I wanted every artists big and small from around the world to be able to create music over my beats, releasing an album is more efficient way to get more exposure”. Rich Boi who owns Toohotrecords has created beats from Atlanta to Louisiana, and even as far as California. Now artists from the United Kingdom to Australia are requesting Rich Boi beats. So what does Rich enjoy more working in the studio with individual artists or creating albums like Need Beats and releasing them to the stores? He said “I like working with artists but it takes a lot of time especially with new artists, so this will allow me more time to do that and stay Rich and happy”. Besides boom and beats Rich is co-founder of www.toohotradio.com, which has over 400,000 listeners in over ten countries, and works for Grooveline magazine as the graphics editor. So to wrap it off if you Need Beats, graphics, or someone to market your music? Rich Boi is the man to see.

For More Information:  Garrett Thomas