Heaven’s Gift

If she wasn’t a Greek she will still be a goddess,” the spoken words of Harold Green III. A gift of talent is what filled the stage, The Gift of Song by Mrs. Shari Sweat, Mother of Charisma Sweat, The Gift of Poetry, and The Gift of Dance by The Orchesis Dance Company. Of many things God gives each individual a gift whether it is singing or dancing. Sweat is a family oriented person and having her family involved was very important to her and her family has always supported her.

In choosing a theme Sweat said she chose a theme that was very close to her heart. Being that she is spiritual person it would only fit what she stand for, but also giving honors to God.

Dennis Roberson of Shreveport “I never attended one of Grambling State University Coronation before. I like the whole set up, the poetry and the dancing with the choir in the background”.

“I am very excited to be in a position where I am one of the official representatives of this prestigious university,” said Sweat. She ran for Miss Grambling because she felt it was time for a change at Grambling State University.

“There have always been stereotypes about what one must look like, or even do to eventually become Miss Grambling,” said Sweat. “I felt like I had the personality, talent, and intelligence to break all of those barriers and above all things, I also felt I stood as a proud campus leader and becoming Miss Grambling would only open more doors, further allowing me to serve this fine institution,” said Sweat.

The following school year Sweat plans on implement her platform, One Voice, building better communication between the Administration, Community, and student body.

Sweat golden rule she live by “Be true to yourself” If you always follow your own mind and heart first, you will never go wrong. God will never lead you astray. Allow your steps to be ordered by Him.