Freshman class has great turn out at Mt. Olive

The Grambling State University Freshman Class attended Mount Olive Outreach Baptist Church in Ruston for College Day. The services were held on Sept. 10. The Rev. Billy Bissic is the pastor. There were more than 100 Freshman students in attendance. Grambling State has an extremely large Freshman Class , with more than 1000 first-time freshmen for the Fall 2006 semester. Mary Boden Harris is the class sponsor, and organized the College Day services. Students from the university performed on the program with music and orations. The class president, Blythe Dennis, was also in attendance. Several students were in attendance from the West Indies, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, and Africa. At the termination of services the students were photographed by the Rev. Stanley Bissic, and dined at the church with a delicious and festive meal prepared by the members of the church.