Brand New KGRM Up and Running

    K.G.R.M. has been relocated from Dunbar Hall to their new facility in the mass communication building this semester. Another change to the prestigious station was the hiring of their new Operations Manager and former Gramblinite, Mrs. Natasha West.

AªIt is a nice environment,Ar West said. AªStudents will have a better opportunity to work on newer equipment and operating systems that is found in commercial stations around the country.Ar

The native of Redwood, C.A., Mrs. West graduated from Grambling with a B.A. in mass communication. She then went on to work with Memphis Fox Channel 13, Clear Channel Radio.

AªI want to bring the things I learned while working in the media industry and show the students how to be successful and how to begin their careers when they graduate,Ar she said.

The Operations Manager is responsible for the operation of the station and supervising the students. Mrs. West is looking forward to contributing to the sound of K.G.R.M. in interacting with communication, and getting students more involvement, and preparation for the communication industry.

Her message to the mass communication students is AªBe encouraged and work hard. Strive to be the best in your field. Jobs are available, but theyA-re not waiting for you. You have to just go out there and get them. Grambling is a good place to be