Submission explored in provocative new book

If submission is the last thing you want to do, you need to read, Liberated Through Submission," says the author, P.B. Wilson. In her provocative and surprising book, Bunny Wilson shares her clear and thoughtful understanding of a principle that will revolutionize your most important relationships. Using the Bible as a guide, this book shares the fascinating facts of true, biblical submission and explores how submission applies to every man and every woman, whether married or single. While reading this book I really observed my daily actions and how I submitted myself as a single woman. I realized that I was not the person God had in mind and in order to live in accordance with the Lord’s will I had to truly submit. "Submission, like a muscle, can be strong or weak depending on the amount of exercise it receives," says Wilson. Wilson explained that it is not just about relationships with the opposite sex, but also with parents, employers, and even with friends. When you submit, you are obeying God’s Word and only positive things are to come. The book is not only for singles but also gives guidance to married men and women. "The submissive married woman is a woman of faith, strength, and power!" according to Wilson. herself, "…while being the head a woman can require bulldog tenacity, along with gentle love and understanding…" I meet many couples who have read Liberated, and once finished, they realized that their thoughts of their marriage were completely off from what God intended. This book has many meanings for many different people, but one thing is clear, any person willing to get closer to the Lord has to fully commit to submission. "You can wait for the Fourth of July to arrive to enjoy the brilliant fireworks-or you can mention ‘submission’ to a group of women!" Just think about it.