Student intern in Washington office

What Started off as a trip to a ROA (Reserve Officers Association) convention, as one of Louisiana’s top cadets turned into a internship possibility for Army ROTC Cadet Jerrell Whaley a junior, from San Antonio. After an in depth conversation with Senator Landrieu at the conference, about the shape Louisiana is in, and how Hurricane Katrina was handled, she was clearly impressed and she offered him an internship to work with her right on the spot. "She was impressed by what Grambling spit out, everything they generally said about Grambling was demolished and shook her whole world." Although he was honored by the offer he was not sure if he had the finances, the experience, or the time due to the fact that he still has obligations to the military. Not thinking that the Senator had even remembered him he was still undecided. A week later his PMS (professor of military science) called him in and asked why he received a call from the senator asking about him (Jerrell). Apparently the senator was still interested for him to come and work with her. His PMS highly encouraged him to jump at the opportunity in which he did. " I was quite overwhelmed by the diligence and speed of the D.C. area." Despite being at a slight disadvantage like not being accustomed to the city life. Jerrell found that other attributes from his experiences at Grambling like "patience, initiative and perseverance," helped him to be successful. At the capitol, he worked with students from all across the nation from schools like Harvard, Michigan, Notre Dame and many other universities. "One project that I enjoyed most would probably be the advising and assisted write-up of the Defense Bills of 2007. On an indirect lower scale I was affecting the nation in a way, especially with me being in the military I felt like I was doing something not only for the nation but the soilders." Other duties Jerrell and the other students performed while being there was to attend hearings or committee meetings. "Overall, between the commuting from the capitol, senate, White House, Pentagon and elbow brushing of numerous Amassadors. I learned that, contrary to stipulated belief, in this robust but systematical business of politics, even the well rounded and typified Gramblinite can produce at amazing levels of proficency if he or she takes advantage of what Grambling has provided for them." Jerrell hopes to work with Senator Landrieu again this summer if he has the opportunity.