Hard beats on ‘B-Day’ give a concert feel

It’s been over three years since the lead singer in Destiny’s Child released her solo album titled “Dangerously In Love.” Many thought that was an album that reflected love and gave people a closer glimpse as to who Beyonce Knowles is.Her sophomore project was actually recorded in only two weeks. Beyonce recorded 22 songs and picked the top ten to put on her album. The CD starts with a rock-felt song, “DejA vu.” Many spectators thought the song was not a strong enough release for her first single. I on the other hand felt it was a great choice being that it sounded different and it took R&B music to a higher level. However, her second single from the album titled B-Day is “Ring the Alarm”. It starts with a siren playing in the background with Beyonce giving her fans a different side of her. ” Ring the Alarm! I’ve been through this too long! And I’ll be damn if I see another chick on your arm!” Many thought that one phrase in particular was about long time boyfriend and rapper Jay-Z, but Beyonce denied all allegations. B-Day, which was released on Beyonce’s birthday, is an album that is about women power. ” Get Me Bodied” is a song that she talks about looking good and not being afraid to let her thoughts out. This song is one of my favorites. The beats on the song are so strong and hard that if you listening to it in the car, it gives you the feel that you’re at an actual concert. Most people I know that have purchased the album like “Upgrade You,”the most.. The pop princess talks about letting her man know that by being with her she can upgrade him, not necessarily by materialistic things but by him being with a women that’s going to stick by her man’s side. My favorite in particular is “Irreplaceable,” a ballad that lets your partner know not to get comfortable with the relationship. “”You must not know bout me, you must not know bout me, I can have another you in a minute, matter fact he’ll be here in a minute, baby,” lets you know that someone can be replaced at any given time. It gives a person the knowledge to know that they can have the confidence to leave someone that’s doing you wrong. You don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations most relationships have. Beyonce brings the CD to a close with a song entitled “Resentment,” talking about how she gives her man a hard time even after he apologizes for the things he has done. The bonus track “Listen”, from the soundtrack of her upcoming movie Dreamgirls, is a song Beyonce said was personal to her because she can relate to the character she plays, “Dena.” Overall the CD is great. If you are ready for change you will love the CD. If you are caught up in the beats that are out today, the CD will be something that doesn’t sooths your ear. Most fans of Beyonce feel that she can do no wrong. In my eyes, Beyonce has expanded her horizons and taken her place as a legendary modern day artists.