Foy Boy cracking the club code

Grambling State University has long been a hot spot for the rap game. With artists such as Cook, Ca$h, Deesmuve, and C.O.K.U.C., GSU has its own hip-hop underground. Now, there’s another addition. Many fans may remember this rapper by another name – Lil’ Foy. "I started off as Lil’ Foy, but I’ve been baptized in the rap game into Foy Boy," he explained. Now, Foy Boy is getting ready to drop his next anticipated album entitled Club Crack. "It’s like a drug," Foy Boy said of the album’s name. "Once one person hears it, they get addicted to it." Foy Boy spent tons of time in the studio perfecting his product. "I named it Club Crack because this is one of the best CDs that I’ve come out with," he said. "Ninety percent of my songs on there are club tracks. It’s dance music, crunk music, hood music…whatever gets the people crunk." Spending a lot of time in the studio may get the fans crunk, but it generally affects Foy Boy’s leisure time as well. "It’s some negative parts of it with me being in the studio for a long time," said Foy Boy. "I make sure it’s not interfering with my school work. I want to finish school so I’ll have something to fall back on or to do something in my leisure time." Foy Boy has plenty of supporters, as well as naysayers – especially from his family. "They have some negative things to say and some positive," he said. "It’s 50/50." Even though Foy Boy has "Break Me Off Proper" selected as his single, he’s already looking for new things to rap about. "Whatever is in my environment, I write to that," he said. "It’s about what I see and the environment around me, such as clubs. When I go to the club and see things like a new dance, I can write a song through that." Foy Boy didn’t start out as a rapper. He originally was a poet. It didn’t take him long to combine the two. "I liked (poetry), and I started liking rap," he said. "When I figured out that rap wasn’t nothing but poetry, I just put it all together. I put my poetry to a beat." Getting beats was easy for Foy Boy; he worked with two producers from his hometown of Monroe. "I work with two of the hottest producers in Monroe – Beat How You Want Em," said Foy Boy. "Their beats are real catchy. Whatever you got in mind, they make the beat that way. You just tell them and they make the beat within 20 minutes. They’ve been in the music game for so long that they know what kind of music to put with the song." Foy Boy has guest appearances by Spanlo, Lil’ Reed, Rodnae, DJ Phat, Sho, and Ca$h. Foy Boy recently found out that Ca$h was his relative. "I just found out I’m related to Ca$h," he said. "He motivated me."