Editor stands up for good women

I usually enjoy Darryl’s editorials. Though they can be a bit personal, they are usually at least a little true, and sometimes mildly entertaining. Not this time. In last week’s very opinionated and personal column Darryl D. Smith writes about what he calls the "Nice Guy Theory". He then says that most Black women seek the good Black man, however they don’t want to give good Black men a chance. He couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, let’s clarify what a "nice guy" is. Most Black women want a man that is confident, strong, respectful, fun to be around, and good to them. But let’s call a spade a spade. If you are going through great extremes to try to impress a girl (i.e. spending money, buying gifts, taking pictures, etc.) you are doing more than just being a "nice guy." You are being a doormat. A woman is not obligated to be interested in you just because you are doing the most to try to impress her. Chances are you are just going to get used. What disturbs me the most about Darryl’s column is that not only does he put all Black women in the same category, but he actually suggests that women of other races will treat a Black man better. He talks about Black women getting upset when we see a Black man dating someone of another race. But it’s not a Black man’s interest in another race that makes us roll our eyes or smack our lips at the sight of a bi-racial couple holding hands in public. It’s the fact that "good Black men" continue to put us down constantly saying we are all the same, not giving a good Black woman a chance. I agree that there are a lot of women out here that are not mature enough to treat a man like she should. But so many men that complain pursue women for shallow reasons. You know what I am talking about. You try to pick up the woman with the best " assets" at the End Zone. You go out and pursue the girl you can take home the first night. You want to complain about the type of women that you don’t like and keep falling for those types. It seems to me that last week’s column was no more than a venting session. Darryl does nothing but whine about every woman that has ever wronged him in his life. There comes a time when a person has to examine themselves and stop finger-pointing everytime a relationship goes sour. I have a message for all of the good Black men out there: I love you. I really do. Don’t let a couple of bad experiences discourage you from Black women. There are a lot of us out there. You’re just sleeping on them.Orneno Wright is a senior mass communication major from Chicago.