The ‘Mighty O’ is back with album ‘Idlewild’

Its that time once again everybody to enjoy the musical genius that is Outkast with their sixth album/first soundtrack Idlewild. Unfortunately, it’s more soundtrack than an official Outkast album, but it’s still jamming. The album is a collection of songs inspired by the duo’s first movie of the same name. There are many high points in this album It starts with the Organized Noise produced “Mighty O,” which Andre 3000 and Big Boi rap together for the first time since Stankonia. The album goes on like a tag team match between the duo as they go back and forth with solo songs. Big Boi show his growth as a solo artist on songs like “Peaches”, “The Train”, “N2U” and “Morris Brown,” which was produced by 3000 for those who didn’t know. Andre’s solo efforts start where he left off from The Love Below. He sets the record straight about he and Big Boi’s relationship on the track “Don’t Let Em Change Us.” “PJ and Rooster”, a 1930’s style juke joint jam, featuring Big Boi, shows Andre’s improved vocals. The solo song that sticks out is “Chronomentrophbia” (the fear of time), on which Andre drops a too-short verse that leaves you wanting more. Guest appearances on the soundtrack include Macy Gray (who also appears in the movie), Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg and the Purple Ribbon All Stars. The album overall is extremely different and probably is not for the average hip-hop fan. But if you are open to new music, you will appreciate this album/soundtrack. It will hold all you Outkast fans over until the next official album.