Students urged to get in school or risk losing dorm room

This time last year, many of the GSU students were bumping Kanye West’s Late Registration. While the CD title was fictional, this year, Grambling students are experiencing a genuine late registration.

Registration has been extended seven times this year, as administrators try to get as many students as possible enrolled in school. The official state registration deadline for all universities in La. is Friday, Sept. 8.

On Wednesday, a mandatory meeting was held for all students who weren’t registered. Nearly 150 students met in the auditorium with representatives from financial aid. The purpose of the meeting was to “get a general idea as to why you haven’t been able to complete registration.”

Slips of papers gathered information including phone numbers of students so counselors could call them to inform them what paperwork was missing. Students were also informed that if they weren’t registered by the deadline, they would be asked to relinquish their dorm rooms.

While the purpose of the meeting was to soothe an already searing situation, some students seemed to be more irked by the meeting.

“Really, I needed this two weeks ago,” said an frustrated LaTundria Ray. “If they had done this during regular registration, then we wouldn’t have to do this now. They’re playing catch-up.”

One noticeable difference was that many of the students who weren’t registered were upperclassmen.

“I feel like they accepted too many students, and they don’t know what to do,” continued Ray, a sophomore. “The upperclassmen took a backseat so they could get freshmen in school. Now, all of these upperclassmen are sitting here wondering how the hell to get into school.”

Macke Williams was also frustrated with the process.

“I think it’s pointless, because they are sending all the students back to financial aid,” the junior said. “It’s too many requirements for upperclassmen when they should be asking these requirements of incoming freshmen.”

However, Williams is optimistic that everyone will be registered by Friday.

“I think it should work because it’s not a lot of people right now,” he said.

Nita Stowe didn’t just depend on Grambling. She tried to use other avenues to get registered, but her experience wasn’t pleasant.

“The alumni chapters are not helping students,” she said. “I’ve contacted them and they told me that they’ll call me back or said that they are not able to help. What is the use of an alumni chapter if they’re not helping students?”

Stowe, a junior, was also puzzled as to how athletes could be registered so quickly.

“We have (athletes) who are not even playing that have full tuition, room and board, books are covered, everything-but they don’t’ have anything for the SGA, Favrot Student Union, and other campus organizations.”

At the end of Wednesday, some students were able to finish their registration process. Others, such as Ray’s, were being moved in the right direction..

‘Hopefully, by Friday, it’ll be done,” Ray said. “It’s looking a little more promising.”