Local resident disagrees with The Word columnist

Dear Word editor:


Preacher Donald Lee presented "walk by faith, not by sight" in 08/31/06 G’nite. He presented the common views of Christianity with such clarity and conviction most common Christians would readily agree. But I don’t.

Donald failed to present the biblical definition for faith "now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" in the co local terms, "faith provides us substance and evidence to support hoped for things not seen".

Most who call ourselves Christians have faith that Yeshiva (Jesus) died and rose on the third day, but how many of us can give written or other evidence that that is possible? Matthew 27:46-58 gives us the bible evidence while anyone who has had an "out of body experience" makes it clear when we apply Luke 17:21 to it.

People who have out of body experiences never see the process of leaving the body, they suddenly see themselves out of their bodies and then back in their bodies, but they never see the process of leaving nor re-entering it. Yeshiva, on the other hand, saw the life-force (ghost is written) leaving the body and asked "…why have you forsaken me".

In a medical journal is the account of a blind person who has had out of body experience on the operation table. As they took his body to the morgue one of the doctors lost his pen behind the steps. As they got him to the morgue he returned to his body and they rushed him back to the operation table where he lived. Upon recovery he spoke to the doctor about his pen and he told him he had lost it. The person told the doctor where to look and in doing so, found his pen. He asked the blind person how did he know and he told him he saw it when they were taking him to he mogul.

Because Yeshiva observed the process, he was able to keep up with what was done to his body, wait the thirty-nine hours and re-enter his body, heal it and bring it back to life. That is the evidence and substance I have in support of Yeshiva’s death and resurrection.

In that light, when we walk by faith we have some insight as to what is happening. An example of that is Erika Badu, We [she and I] often talked in Black To The Basics in the village, and one day she said college was not doing anything for her, she already had her career. I asked what and she said singing. I then told her, "college is for people who are looking for a career, you have yours so go to work and leave college to those who are looking for a career". We can now see the results of her taking my advice.

Even though she was "booed" during a talent show here at GSU, her faith, realization of what her career is, led her to become a Diva among singers. She walked by faith even after the "booing" and has come back to her roots to say "thank you, GSU".


Elijah Alfred Alexander, Jr.