Dupree, Dennis chosen to lead freshman class


Freshman elections were held in the lobby of the Men’s Gym on campus Friday Aug. 25. Although active campaigning began August 23 it peaked Friday morning when all candidates were actively seeking votes.

Although the voting turnout was not as high as in previous years, both the presidential and Miss Freshman race were closely watched.

The new positions available to represent their class on the SGA cabinet were president, vice president, secretary, and Miss Freshman. Each of the potential new members began campaigning on the courtyard.

Each Miss Freshman candidate showcased her platform to allow her fellow students to understand her campaign. In contrast the presidential candidates gained the voters attention by giving away pencils, pens, stickers, flashlights and even food.

Finally, on Friday students turned out to vote Blythe Dennis as the new freshman president. Blythe will now have the responsibility of leading the class of 2010 toward a better Grambling. Dennis will not be alone however, Amyra Chapman who ran unopposed and Gerald Simonton will serve as freshmen senators.

Miss Freshman however was a tight race between two worthy candidates who started campaigning the first week of school. Both Courtney Dupree and Nakayla Jack campaigned heavily on the yard well before most students were registered offering. Each offered their own methods of support to freshman to warm students up to them. In the end Courtney Dupree came out ahead of Nakayla Jack winning the Miss Freshman crown.

Both Courtney Dupree and Blythe Dennis seem to be looking forward to working together this semester and many more to come. Although both of them have their own platform they are working to create one together that hopefully can bring the best out of the class of 2010.