You’re welcome to join

Welcome back new and returning students. I hope that you all had a safe and productive summer break. It’s a new semester with new opportunities, new beginnings and new chances to become more active on campus.

Here on the campus of Grambling State University there are many clubs and organizations to become apart of, but did you know that there are also numerous faith-based clubs and organizations to join?

These groups will allow you to meet new people, gain community service hours, become more active in your area of religion (faith) and help you grow strong spiritually.

Listed below are the faith-based clubs and organizations that can be found on campus. A brief description for some groups is provided along with the group president and contact information. Information taken from gram.edu


n Campus Ministry/Students With A Testimony (SWAT)- Mr. Matthew Burson, President. Campus Ministry is located in Robinson Hall. Office hours are 10:30 am-10:00 pm Monday-Thursday and Friday 10:30-5 pm and Saturday 11:30-1 pm. For more information Campus Ministry can be reached at 274-3135 or ucampusm@bellsouth.net


* Catholic Student Organization- Grace Ghamogha, President. Phone 247-6258.


* Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship- Mr. Anthony Rugege, President. Phone: 251-3329.


* Entourage Choir-Omar Jones, choir director. Entourage has performed at the university’s coronation, LA Tech Sou;s on Fire concert, and Phi Mu Alpha’s Homecoming choir Extravaganza.


* Fellowship of Christian Athletes- Mr. Lance Wright, President. Phone: 396-0524.


* Grambling State University Choir- started in 1947 and was the first music ensemble to be established at Grambling State University. The GSU Choir has been under the direction of Mr. Marcus Rhodes for the past six years. The GSU Choir performs at GSU sponsored events, the African American Choral Composers Festival and the Annual Kwei Kwei Festival just to name a few. Interviews are a requirement. To schedule a personal interview contact the choral office at 274-6106. Appointments can be made at any time.


* Love Alive C.H. Mason Christian Fellowship- Leonard E. Simpson II, President. Phone: 254-8910.


* Methodist Student Movement- Chad Harry, President. Contact: gsusongstar@yahoo.com


* Muslim Student Association- Chris Lovelace, President. Phone: 247-9484.


* Strong Tower Gospel Chorale (service organization)

* Voices of Faith Gospel Choir (service organization)- Harry James, President. Phone 274-7038.