Walk by faith, not by sight

Do you have 20/20 vision? Most of us don’t. And if you’re like me, you’re blind as a bat without your glasses. But I thank God that in this Christian walk, 20/20 vision is not necessary.

Why? Because sight can be deceiving. Have you ever thought you saw one thing but as you approached it, you realized it wasn’t what you thought? The enemy has a tendency of using our sight against us which is why the Bible admonishes us to walk by faith and not sight.

In other words, walk by what you know and not what you see.

Sight will tell you that because you keep falling short in a particular area that you will never be delivered…that you will always struggle with this thing, but Faith will tell you that he/she whom the Son set free is free indeed.

Sight will tell you that it looks like all H E double hockey sticks (hell) is breaking loose in your life (finances, job troubles, marital problems, just plain ole problems), but Faith will tell you that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. He didn’t say the weapon wouldn’t be formed…you already see the weapon…but you can rest assured that it won’t prosper.

Sight will mess you up if you let it. Sight will have you about to loseyour mind (up in here, up in here). Sight will have you about to throw in the towel one minute before your breakthrough. Sight will have you giving up on your marriage, your job, your career, your ministry, leaving your church home, giving up on your dreams….if you walk around

believing what you see.

But Paul offers us a better solution…stop walking around taking things for what they are worth. Sight can be deceiving! We have to learn how to look past what we see.

You’ve heard the old saying "What you see is what you get." But I like to say it like this, "What you believe is what you get."Have you ever shared a vision that God has given you with someone and the first thing they say is, "I just don’t see it." They’re not supposed to see it…it’s not their faith. That’s why the bible says, according to [your] faith be it done unto [you]. Everybody can’t see what you see.

They think you’re crazy. They think something’s wrong with your

vision…that you need to get a pair of spiritual bifocals. It’s okay

if they can’t see it, God didn’t give the vision, dream, prophecy, and

desire of the heart to them…He gave it to YOU. If God says you’re

going to be a best-selling author…I don’t care if you haven’t written one book…by faith, it’s already done. Just wait on the manifestation.

If God says that your business will skyrocket…but you’re still in

the red, by faith it’s already done. Don’t you go by what you see! If you just remain faithful, God will allow you to go to sleep one night

broke and wake up with a financial breakthrough. If you don’t believe

me…ask Bill Gates

God promised you a new job,

career…I don’t care if you have already put in 100 resumes and went on 25 interviews and nothing has materialized…walk by faith and not by sight….the job will surely come. I know it looks the complete opposite, right now. But that’s a trick of the enemy to get you to start doubting…to get you to walk by sight. Don’t fall for it….it’s a setup.


The enemy knows that God is not a man that He

should lie and if He said it was going to happen, then it is a done deal. But

if the enemy can get you to walk around believing what you see…then

you are already defeated, in your mind at least. So don’t get in a

panic about what you are facing right now…don’t make decisions based on

what is in front of you. As my pastor often says, don’t make permanent

decisions for temporary problems. It’s not going to always be like


Don’t move in haste. Sit yourself down somewhere. Take a deep breath.

Everything is going to be okay. I know it doesn’t seem like it…but

it will. Why? Because God said so! Remember, your entire Christian walk

is based on faith. Faith says…don’t believe what you see. It’s a smoke screen…it’s a camouflage…it’s a diversion, it’s a distraction; it’s not the real

thing. Don’t believe what you see. Do you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth….Don’t believe what you see!!!

So today I ask the question? Whose report are you going to believe?

Sight’s report or Faith’s report? I can’t speak for you, but I choose

to believe the report of Faith.


Donald Lee can be reached at donjlee@bellsouth.net.