Surviving the semester

As you begin a new school year, I want to give you a few things to consider making a part of your daily routine for success. These are just a few simple pointers and suggestions on how to get the absolute best out of yourself and other for the semester. The first thing that is important to remember is that you are paying to receive an education. So, it is nobody’s fault if you are not successful. Oh wait; it’s your fault if you are not successful. Regardless of your relationship with your instructor or the person that you were forced to sit next to and work with, you have a responsibility. Your attitude determines how you perform at a given task. If you go into the class with a negative attitude you are going to get a negative outcome. So first, I challenge you to realize the task at hand and go into the semester with a positive attitude. Organization is the third key to success. How many times have you walked into class after you have stayed up all night to realize that you left the work in your room? A simple solution to that is ORGANIZATION. Organization is perhaps the easiest way to ensure success. There are several things you can do the get yourself organized. Not only is it important that you purchase some sort of organizer, you should USE IT! Often times we say that we are going to do better and we do, for all of three weeks. That is not going to cut it. Buckle down and plan out your whole day and stick to it. Having discipline is also important if you want to succeed this or any semester. You can have the most positive attitude and be the most organized person but if you lack the discipline to get the job done; none of that matters. You have to have the strength to tell that boy or girl calling that you have work to do. If they don’t understand you must question if they have your best interest in mind. You must also have the discipline to separate yourself from those that may not have the same goals in mind. If you are around someone that is not taking school seriously it could possibly be disastrous for you. Separate yourself from potentially harmful individuals and habits. It only takes one incident to ruin your semester or college career. Together these things will prepare and put you on a path to success. YOU and only YOU decide if you are going to succeed. Your work ethic and discipline will not only put in the position to succeed but your instructors will take notice, and perhaps give you a little slack if you are taking care of business but not getting the highest scores. There is no reason not to succeed.Patrick Thompson is a junior mass communication major from Fairfield, Calif.