Grambling alumna Kathy St. John has released and underground CD titled

It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to listen to good underground records, but after listening to Kathy St. John, an alumni of Grambling State University, sends clubbers into a trance. "I was inspired to sing by Mary J. Blige, Karen Clark-Sheard, and Beyonce, because of her woman-power," she said. Her underground debut R&B album, Goddess, showcases her versatility as an up and coming R&B artist. Kathy is about to take the R&B world by storm, by being the first to sign as an artist to Shawnna, a female rapper signed currently with Disturbing Tha Peace.

Kathy has already made quite a name for herself with her natural musical talents and infinite beauty. Her soulful voice is sexy enough in itself to attract attention. According to Kathy she doesn’t have to rely on skimpy outfits to promote her music. In addition to her sultry voice, she’s also good at tickling the ivories. Her album is a fusion of different music genres including blues, jazz, R&B, and hip-hop. She explains herself as being an R&B artist living the life of a rapper.

Her intro let’s you know immediately that this is not your conventional R&B album. She powerfully expresses her individuality with her colorful style and unique approach. Her style is urban with a touch of sexy class. A choice track on the CD is "Buck" because talks about her walking into a club and letting all of her inhibitions go by having a good time. The single "Let You Go," talks about her going through problems with her significant other and her finally realizing that the relationship isn’t working out for her. That track in particular will probably reach many people who have gone through that type of situation.

Her title, Goddess, came from her original group name, in which she was slated as the "Goddess" because of her need of prayer and bible study while 3G was on the road traveling. She sees herself as a Goddess because God enables her to accomplish all of her dreams.

She first started singing at a young age at Oceanside, California at church, talent shows, and community events. "My mother and family members are the reason why I am the performer I am today." Kathy’s favorite single is "Gotta Let You Go," "I wrote this song while I was going through a lot of pain," she said.

In the future, Kathy sees herself as a fierce and more mature artist helping other artists get in the music industry. She currently will be seen on tour for thirty days with Shawnna.

After collaborating with so many different people on the album, naming people would only be a sheer taste of her true gratitude for them. "I want to thank Ray Face from Boss Hogg Entertainment for allowing me to record in their studio, Shawnna for signing me as her artist, Double E, Dee Smuve, Rafael, D.J. Phat for playing my song on the radio, D.J. Chris for playing my song in the club, and D.J. Streets for playing my song on 103.1," she said.

After interviewing and listening to this powerhouse vocalist on her way to the top of the charts, it’s no wonder she is definitely a goddess on the rise.