Financial aid is … (you fill in)

Man…let me tell you something. Grambling’s Financial aid system is too jacked up. I can’t believe it took me a "mere" two weeks to get into school after dorms open when all of my stuff was in shortly before the summer began.

Oh wait…I must’ve forgot about FAFSA messing up and letting me think my mom’s signature was on the form. You know, they are supposed to send out an e-mail to my mom, but she never got it. It’s OK though…I’ll have my own tax return this year.

But down to the nitty gritty…Financial aid needs a complete overhaul. Now before those pink slips go out (or locks get changed), let me tell what can be done. HIRE MORE PEOPLE!!! In this day and age, it’s absolutely STUPID that FOUR Financial aid counselors handle 6000 students. Come on now, how can four people do that job? I understand you have student workers, but some only care about their friends and forget about the rest of us.

However, I cannot place the blame strictly on Financial aid. Students need to get their stuff in on time. For the first time, I experienced some lateness due to a FAFSA mix-up. I did attempt to get my stuff in on time, but that’s no excuse.

Some of these students take advantage of Grambling’s grace periods and think they can get into school whenever they please. You need to step your game up and stop making it hard for the four counselors.

There is another problem though. Some of the staff think they run things when it comes to the "unimportant" students. You know, students that aren’t in the band or the ones who don’t participate in a sport (yes…cheerleading is a sport).

Oh wait…somehow, the band is "mysteriously" losing their out-of-state fee waivers. And I do recall seeing some cheerleaders, Orchesis, and band members still trying to get into school when dorms opened. I guess that excuse is out the door.

Nonetheless, the students ARE the ones who pay your salary. If you don’t be nice to us, the university could get an enrollment similar to Morris Brown. I bet a lot of locks will be changed! I love Grambling State University with all my heart, but we are grown men and women. It’s time for us to act like it. HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS! Don’t wait on Financial Aid to call you and say, "We need this." Then again, people in Financial aid need to stop lying saying they have everything when they know they don’t.

All that does is lead to some embarrassing incidents that occur around campus. Did we really want the Associated Press to run a story about the students kicked off campus (or "temporarily" placed in hotels).

Then again, maybe we could’ve had a story in the AP about the incidents in the Intramural. From what I heard, several chairs were kicked over by a student frustrated with Financial aid.

Seriously though, HBCUs are the only colleges and universities where so much illegal activities occur. I’m surprised the Federal Government doesn’t keep a closer eye out (hint hint).

Maybe if the eye of the government used a telescope to view those evildoers, then we’ll actually be in school without the illegal loans added to our accounts.



Darryl Smith is a senior mass communication major from Monroe.