Blood drive numbers low, Grambling donors appreciated

Shelia Now had been sitting on the bus for three hours, waiting for people to walk in. However, she’s disappointed.

"We’ve had four donors in three hours," she said.

The donor recruiter for LifeShare Blood Center was disappointed that more people did not participate.

"This is a cause a lot of people don’t think about, but we need to make it one," she said.

LifeShare sponsored several blood drives, including the stop in Grambling. With Labor Day weekend approaching, Monroe is experiencing a shortage of blood…a shortage of donors.

"I feel like it could’ve been better, but we appreciate what we got," said Ricky Mayfield, a phlebotomist. "We have a shortage and it’s really important for more people to donate. It helps saves lives."

Some students wanted to give, but they had to be turned away due to several factors. The most common deferral was due to low iron in the blood.

"I’m mad because I cannot give blood," said Erica Moore who had low iron. However, she stressed that it’s still important to give. "As long as you have high iron…it’s for an important cause."

Other students were fortunate enough to donate blood and were delighted to help the cause.

"If there was a situation where I needed blood, I would want someone to give blood to me," said Katryna Flournoy.

Mayfield agrees.

"You never know when you or somebody close to you may need it," he said.

Now said that if organizations would like to help, they may reach her at 318-21-4411. To find out more information about LifeShare blood drives, visit www.lifeshare.org.