The female ‘Truth’ concerning drinking

According to a recent study, there is an alarming new trend — college women are now drinking more often than college men. An overwhelming majority of us have female friends or know a female who drink. At one time females were afraid to let it be known that they drink, but as freedom for females have changed college female students have come out of the closet with their drinking. There are a number of reasons for this change in behavior. Some famles use drinking as an excuse for outrageous behavior. According to a study more than half of women (57 percent) agree being promiscuous is away to fit in and drinking make that easier. Some females say they do it for attention or because they are depressed. The time that female college student’s drink the most is in the after noon or after the sun goes down. Some indicate that their drinking is enjoyed at the club or maybe a local party. Many females say they would rather do it at the dormitory with the absence of their parent. The most common chose of drink is beer because it is cheap and comes in a selective quantity. Then the next choice usually is wine because of its intense sweetness in taste the third choice is a well mixed daiquiri which is followed up by an extra shot of liquor. A great deal of females have been drinking for five to eight years on a steady basis, drink an average of three to five times a week or as much as five to ten drinks per night on the weekends. Have you stoped to think about the danger involved, not just to your health, but physically. Do you know that a great majority of females get raped as a result of drinking. On an average two out ten female are in position for rape at a party with drinking. Females are more vulnerable during drinking than when sober. If you’re a female drinker hanging out make sure it’s with people you know and trust.Jeremiah Flowers is a GSU student from Winnfield.