Prison ministry holds Christmas in June

Saturday, June 24 at Trinity UMC, – Ruston. Wesley Foundation’s – GSU-SWAT Student Leaders gave helping hands to The Annual Angel Tree Project of Prison Fellowship (PF).

Annually, over ten thousands or more post cards and letters are mailed from PF Headquarters in Lansdowne, Va. Prison Fellowship is the largest prison ministry in the world, with offices throughout the United States and in 122 countries. The Angel Tree Project is the sponsor of great big smiles on many children faces, who have at least one parent incarcerated.

In 2005, over 10,000 children were helped through Angel Tree Christmas. Gifts are purchased by compassionate persons, organizations, and churches, which are given to the children in the name of the incarcerated parent.

The Louisiana Executive Director, Ms. Jean Bush, is a graduate of Fair Ole Grambling State University. Ms. Bush holds a degree in Criminal Justice. In 2005 Reverend Connie Breaux, GSU Campus Ministry director, and Ms. Bush, and the Criminal Justice Department worked on a partnership that would include a paid Internship position, volunteer work for students, and other projects that will benefit the University and PF.

"I believe each graduate should work with the staff at Grambling to create opportunities for the students to learn, gain exposure to large corporations, and get employment" said Bush.

As a result of this collaboration, Tim Trimble, a graduating Senior in the Criminal Justice department, was chosen as the first PF Intern. Tim will spend a week at the corporate office with Interns from across the nation. He will work closely with PF staff in Louisiana on special outreach projects. Rev. Breaux sees Tim as a pioneer since this is the first time a Field Intern has been hired at an HBCU.

Rev. Breaux, a visionary of what can be done to embrace the welfares of other by joining hands to do what should have been done many years ago. Restorative justice for youth is one the big focus of GSU Campus Ministry. Rev. Breaux and Tim Trimble will be seeking to recruit many more churches in Louisiana and other Collegiate _”Service organizations to join in the Christmas Spirit for 2006.

Saturday afternoon seven students came out to do a mailing of 200 marketing pieces and brain storm on how to involve the University and other faith communities in this endeavor?

Those participating in the first mailing were: Trimble, Alex Brunson, Isiss Donate, Tika Avery, Lissell Edwards.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer please sign-up online at www.pfm.org or http://www.pfm.org/>/volunteer application, or contact Rev. Breaux 318-614-6152 or 274-3135.