National convention takes place in Lafeyette

The Grambling National Alumni Association convention will meet in Lafayette July 20-23.

The theme for the convention will be "A call to action: Preserving the Legacy."

For registered members to attend the convention a early charge of $175 will apply, on site a $200 fee will apply. For non-members early registration is $200 and onsite $240. 337-247-6264 for registration packets.

Members of five chapters in the Lafayette area has joined together to make the convention the best its ever been.

Joan Smith, president of the Lafayette/Saint Martinville chapter, said when fellow alumni arrive they will not be disappointed. Mildred S. Jones chapter, lead by Clarence Prudhomme; Ray D. Mola, headed by Augustus Jackson, Saint Landry, Jesse Prudhomme president and the Vermilion Parish headed by Youlia D. Rabon.

Registered alumni had until July 5 to vote for the newly elected president of the Grambling National Alumni Association. The newly elected president will be introducted at the convention meeting, but president James Bradford’s term does not expire until Dec. 31.

James Bradford will step down as president of the National Alumni Association after 14 years.

"After 14 years I will still be a participant of the association because I am a Grambling State University supporter," Bradford said.

Because Grambling State University is at the most pivotal point in its 105-year history, and never hast its mission been more relevant or its future more in jeopardy than right now, Bradford said.

"I have an old saying which goes you can get there from here, which means Grambling State University can take you any place you want to go," Bradford proudly said.

"If there was something I could do different as president, it would be to reach out more," Bradford humablly said.

Despite our apparent differences, we must realize that our real strength as an alumni association lies in our shared love for our dear alma mater, explained Bradford.

Workshops will not be competitive this year, we have this setup so participants can attend all the workshops, said Bradford. The convention will emphasis fund raising this year. Various speakers during the convention will speak on the subject.

Bradford said he believes that every voice matters, and each alumni should make his/hers heard by attending the convention.




Thursday, July 20

2-6 p.m. – Registration

4-6 p.m. – Executive Board

7 p.m Until – Creole Night


Friday, July 21

8 a.m. – Breakfast

8-11:30 a.m.- Gen. Business

Noon – Open Luncheon

6 p.m – Evangeline Downs


Saturday, July 22

8 a.m. – Golf Tournament

9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.- Tours/Sights

7 p.m.-12:00 p.m.- Banquet/Ball


Sunday, July 23

11 a.m – Church Services