Marvelous Miles goes the whole mile with her debut album

Marvelous Miles is the new neo soul singer on the shelf with her debut album Heavily Influenced is a well put together album. Marvelous’s music is best described as Indie Arie meets Kelis.

The album which has 14 tracks that are well written and produced has a soulful sound that gets hyphey/crunk on a few joints. A song like Trumpets shows her spiritual side and that God has done great things in her life. It is clear that Marvelous is a poet first that grabs the audiences attention throughout this whole album with her sweet vocals.

Heavily Influenced isn’t just about how Marvelous enjoys to be loved but does something unique to many artists today, she gets political on a song called Uncle Tom, where she expresses her love for black people and dislike for–you’ll have to purchase the album in the stores or at her website marvelousmiles.net to find out. You can also hear Marvelous on Toohotradio.com.