Grambling State bookstore trades places with student union

Giving students what they want and deserve is a major factor according to Dr. Horace A. Judson, Grambling State University president along with Billy Owens,vice president of finance.

Grambling State began its facelift with the renovation of McCall Dining Hall, and now a new bookstore which will officially open at the end of the month.

Grambling State campus bookstore will be trading places with the Favrot Student Union. The new bookstore will be smaller, but a pleasant atmosphere with scroll carpet, superior displays, wood flooring, and a window just for buyback refunds.

Grambling State University’s Barnes and Nobles college bookstore will have a variety of new fashion for young ladies young men, and alumni along with the latest accessories such as GSU football tents for tailgating, dormitory items like comforter sets and sheets, and the new X-Box 360.

“I am very excited and I think that it will be a beautiful place for students to shop,” said Roselyn Lewis, store manager. Lewis said that the new store is the outcome of a wonderful working relationship between Barnes and Noble and Grambling State University.

“I am so excited that we are able to serve the alumni, administration, faculty, staff, and most importantly the students of this fine institution. We are looking forward to the future here at Grambling State University Where Everybody Is Somebody,” explained Lewis.

Barbara Mayfield, a bookstore cashier, said “I think it will be more acceptable to the students because more students hang out in that particular area on campus.”

Owens said that the change was made not only for the students, but also to better Grambling’s campus. Too much space was being wasted in the student union. There was not really nothing their but a few seating areas and two pool tables.

“Turning nothing into something,” is what Owens said about the old student union, and just cause we’re located in the rural doesn’t mean we have to be rural, he said.

Of course students will be inconvinced for a short period of time, but “Change is only temporary,” said Owens. When they see what the outcome will be the students will be in amazement.

“When the students come back for the fall semester and see the new bookstore they will go wow!” Owens said.

“I think it was a smart move and a step up for the university,” Juston Jackson, a senior from New Orleans.

“It will be like a new opportunity for the advancement and growth on Grambling State campus, but also provide a better atmosphere for the students. We want to be more involved with the students and be there for them to service them better and provide more things that they need,” said Felicia Houston, textbook manager.

“Maria Goree, part-time Cash Office Employee said, ” That she too is also excited about the whole change, Maria stated that, it will be a nice new experience.”

Justin Gasaway, bookstore staff, said “I think it will benefit us, the students, and the plan for the new bookstore will be very attractive.”

Shontina Willis, a junior from Homer, said “Although its smaller than the old bookstore location, its much nicer and appealing. The new textbook section makes it much easier to find the books I need than at the old store, the set up is organized.”

“It’s about time for a new change, it’s very nice and the flooring brings it out,” said Brandon Monroe, a junior from New Orleans.

Some are probably wondering what will happen to Tiger Express? Tiger Express will remain in the same location until the new student center is completed. Renovations for the new student center will get under way Oct. 1 and will be completed January 1, 2007.