Grambling grad publishes book

Aurora Threats’ “Behind the Line” an exhilarating anthology of 33 poems that guide you through a journey of the heart; through life. This chapbook is a must read; must have manuscript.

Aurora is a Grambling State University graduate of the Speech and Threatre Department. She was active in several plays during her years as a GSU student. She received a masters degree in human relations and business from Amberton University and studied acting at Marla Bibbs (better known for her role as “Florence” on the Jeffersons) Crossroads Arts Academy in Los Angeles, California.

Aurora made her professional stage apprenance in “Beauty Shop”. This show swept the nation and became a top box officer hit as an African American stageplay comedy.

She has included such poems as “In Your Eyes” and “At This Moment” which are filled with love and desire, while “Haters” and “Nothing to Talk About” show an expression of darker human emotions.