Collie J. Nicholson gets his just due

You should have been there. It was the greatest since the founding of Grambling State University itself.

Collie J. Nicholson received an honor over due for some time now. The press box in the Eddie G. Robinson stadium was being named for Collie J. Nicholson.

Collie J. as he is fondly called by most people were not able to make the ceremony but his wife Ophelia and family was there to receive his honor in words and deeds.

After giving some inspirational remarks Rev. Dr. E. Edward Jones, pastor of the Galilee B.C. of Shreveport and president emeritus of the National Baptist Convention of America, had his own praise to give Collie J.

Dr. Horace A. Judson, GSU president, open the floor with a welcome and occasion. This is an honor that should have been done before now, said Judson.

Ophelia Nicholson accepted the act of nobleness for her husband with joy and pride.

If you don’t know who Collie J. is and why he is being treated like royality, well just continue to follow along. The “man with the golden pen,” meaning had there not been Collie J. at Grambling, there would have been a long time before anyone outside of Louisiana would have heard of then, Grambling College, now Grambling State University.

The then sports information director took his pen and wrote some words that grabbed the attention of the whole world. Now everybody knows the name of Grambling State University.

There were a number of articles on display attesting to the the greatness of Collie J.

“I procalim this day (Friday, June 16, 2006) Collie J. Nicholson Day,” said Grambling Mayor Martha Andrus. For taking his manuel Underwood typewriter and making GSU world renown.

Wife Ophelia proudly came up and accepted the plaque in his honor.

Earnest “Earnie” Miles, former photography, public relations director, and among other titles, told the large crowd that Collie J. was ahead of his time. “Collie J. has managed to pull off more than one mircle at Grambling State univerisity,” said Miles.

“Collie J. and I came from the same hometown of Winnfield and because of him I have been all across the united States and part of the world,” said Miles.

Doug Ireland of the Louisiana Sports Writer’s Association, said he felt strange standing to speak behind a Winnfield man, but because it was to honor Collie J., he didn’t mind.

Curtis J. Armand, GSU alumnus and member of the Grambling community, said he never heard of Grambling before meeting Collie J. and they even became good friends.

Melvin Spears, GSU head football coach said “When you think about Grambling you have to think about the president, the coach and the pitch man. We have the president, the coach, but we are looking for the Pitch man.”

There were a number of well wishes that attended the event and proud that the honor was finally bestowed on a noble citizen and prolific writer.

“I think it is a wonderful and deserving moment,” said Gwendolyn James, Collie J.’s pastor from St. Matthew A.M.E. church of Shreveport.

Joe Shyne of Grambling said he met Collie J. 45 years ago. “I believe he has always been the drive behind any information that came out of Grambling. Grambling will always be in delt to Collie J. Nicholson.

“This was excellent, very deserving,” said Genevia Jackson of Cotton Valley.