A reflection of the Summer sessions

This has truly been a ground breaking summer for Grambling State University students and faculty. It was the first year we had two summer sessions. And let me be the first to say it was very interesting.

For the first time, students had the opportunity to earn a maximum of 12 hours during the summer which is a full time load during the fall and spring semesters. The faculty offered courses that were not only fundamental, but specialty courses as well.

Although it was a new endeavor for the most part students and administrators handled the change with open arms. The sessions seemed to run rather smoothly considering this was a huge change. Session I began only days after spring commencement and most students who had pre-registered were on the move and rolling. While some students lagged behind and eventually found themselves about to miss the boat.

Grambling faculty and staff did their best to assist students in a timely manner, helping even the late comers successfully register for summer school. Even financial aid, which is usually crowded with students, functioned in a manner that helped students progress smoothly through this transition.

They had helpful and friendly student workers who were knowledgeable about student status, financial aid, and proper procedure.

According to freshman, Jocelyn Cade, “the young men at the desk were very nice to me as they explained my situation. They offered many ways to assist me with my problem.”

Students even expressed that they were able to receive their refund money within one week of class.

“I hope we get our money that fast during the fall and spring semesters,” said Whitney Carter.

Overall, both summer sessions were great, because they gave students an opportunity to earn a semester’s worth of credits during the summer.

It ran rather smoothly considering it was the first time it had been implemented. Many students

attended both sessions making the program a success. This gives students a glimmer of hope for all of the great things to come in the future of Grambling State University.


Marisa Turner is a graduate student from Eunice.