Rapper CamRon’s ‘Killa Season’ album impresses

Recently, it seems that Cam’Ron Giles’ name has been on the tip of everybody’s tongue. Fresh off from dropping his first feature movie, Killa Season, he comes back with his fifth album of the same name.

While he sticks to his usual script to keep the movement moving, Cam fails to show any growth when all eyes are on him.

With money always on the mind, he opens up with "Killa Cam." He showcases Dipset freshman 40 Cal with a couple of quick sixteens. Cam follows up the brief intro over speedy high hats and gun claps.

Honorary Queensbridge representative Alchemist also checks in on the album’s first single "Wet Wipes." Cam makes it look easy as he talks like sex on some synthesized keys.

In regards to lyrical content, Cam’ doesn’t get deeper than his usual talk. He does find time to slickly address his ulcer problems on "I.B.S." with bars like these: "Regurgitating, green, yellow, burgundy, boom. But what came of urgency soon. What, the emergency room." Additionally, blow, or cocaine as it is more popularly known, is personified on his hustler’s tribute "White Girls." The Beat Firm chops up a funky soul sample to serve up the album’s stand out beat.

In past efforts Cam has been plagued with his share of misses. This time is no different. King Jaffe Joe drops the ball with the paltry "He Tried To Play Me." Taking hints from the Cheers TV show theme for a hook didn’t work out either. The repetitive talk of his Harlem World hustle might be too much for those who aren’t down with the purple and pink, but overall die-hard Dipset fans shouldn’t be disappointed with Killa Season. Block favorites such as the "Get ‘Em Daddy" remix and the Jay-Z dis "You Gotta Love It" are also included on the disc. Cam reps his set the only way he knows how.