Grambling ministry leads in student form

Worship, guest speakers, fellowship, small group, workshops, mission, and fun; that is what composes an entire Student Forum. The overall theme of this year’s forum was "True Disciples: Learning to Fish." There was an opportunity to enhance the diversity of views of the larger church by participating in a voting process on issues that face the universal church everyday in our today’s society. Such issues included: the war, homosexuality, genocide in Sudan, and human rights. The United Methodist Student Movement is a network of students who seek a strong role in the life of the community, United Methodist Church and other faith communities. From May 26-29, representatives and campus minister of GSU attended the 2006 Annual Student Forum. The representatives were Matthew A. Brunson (President of GSU SWAT/ Wesley Foundation), Jonathan Favors, Stephanie Cockerm, Nikale Bazil (First International Rep for Common Wealth of Dominica), Achilles Chad Harry (04-06 Steering Committee representative of the South Central Jurisdiction), and Rev. Connie Breaux (GSU Campus Minister). This year’s Forum took place at Adrian College, 50 miles outside of Detroit. The trip was made possible through a Wesley Foundation grant Brunson was the newly elected member of the International Steering Committee. Brunson will be replacing Harry. Brunson will be required to attend several meetings throughout the year regarding the next Forum. Brunson will be serving the SCJ until 2008. Cockrem, Favors, and Brunson were nominated small group leaders by the campus minister. Their responsibility was to facilitate an environment conducive to open expression on the events of the conference, developing closer bonds with students from around the world. As the newly elected SC rep, Brunson stated that he wishes to further unify the SC jurisdiction. In an attempt to do so, he persuaded the majority of the SCJ to participate in the beautification mission trip of Park and Recreation in the Adrian area. According to Breaux, " Brunson is exhibiting his ability to bring a much larger group into a corporative utopia he brought diversity into unity." The parks and recreation mission trip consisted of planting new saplings and trees in a previously barren area. Approximately 175 trees were planted by the SCJ Leaders. Favors enjoyed the Forum. "This forum was my first!" he said. "I did not know what to expect. I thought I would be isolated, but, the students from the Forum treated me well."