College minister takes glance at semester

The highest test of civilization of any race is its willingness to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate. The Book of Deuteronomy 15:11 tells us. For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.

Campus Ministry mission is to transform lives within the world of spiritual and academia. With much help from two hurricanes namely Katrina and Rita, GSU Campus Ministry Clubs understand the word Mission.

The more GSU students were involved with the poor and served the hungry, the more they came in contact with Jesus. Strange as it may seem, young people and college students can meet Him on the campus, school building, yes even in the church, but sometimes they see him more clearly in the barrio. This is a part of the mystery of Jesus- we find him in the most unlikely places.

Student leaders of the GSU-S.W.A.T. meet the risen Savior in the many various missions, community gathering and leadership conference this school year. The aftermath of the devastation of New Orleans, was a calling of God to each student that is involved in Campus Ministry. Alex Brunson, president of Wesley Foundation Student Movement was truly a leader of commitment and sacrifice.

There is an old saying the only hands and feet Christ has is ours. Brunson, demonstrated this saying by carrying a full academic load of 18 hours, president of Wesley and GSU SWAT campus ministry movement, attended church and held down a part-time job.

Campus Ministry attended the Southeastern University Leadership Conference, in Hammond, where Rev. Connie Breaux was a workshop presenter of the Spiritual Reflection Labyrinth Walk. Five students attended the conference.

During this conference the student leaders looked deep within their selves to find the Strong Leader. A visit to New Orleans was on the agenda during this Ministry in Motion event. GSU-SWAT leaders were guided by Rev. Connie Breaux, a native resident of New Orleans in a tour to see first hand the devastation of the Hurricanes. The student-leaders discussed returning to New Orleans to clean yards, and to do what they could to help the elderly and disabled. The College leadership conference was supported by GSU campus ministry partners: Lewis Temple CME, and Rev. R. Helton. New Rocky Valley Baptist Church, Rev. Julius Sumler, Presbyterian of the Pine, Rev. Joe Hill, and Trinity United Methodist Church, Rev. Fred Wideman.

GSU- Wesley Foundation received local support from Trinity UMC, Board members and St. James UMC, Shreveport attended their first Men’s Retreat in Woodworth at the Wesley Conference Center. Alex Brunson, Jefferson Jackson, Stephen Lockett., and Reggie Giles attended this retreat seeking information on forming a National Men’s Ministry.

GSU-SWAT Epiphany team completed their sixth mission weekend at Swanson Correctional Youth Center. The mission in retrospect was campus ministry’s favorite outreach, it not only helped to show the young that God loves them, but others care about them too.

Congratulations, to the fellowship of Love Alive for participating in the fourth Wednesday Chapel at the Ruston Methodist Children Home, the GSU-SWAT. Leading in Chapel on the fourth Wednesday is a mission of GSU Campus Ministry in partnership with Rev. Micky Springfield, chaplain of the Ruston Methodist Home. Min. Leonard Simmons, Min. Dennis Williams and the Love Alive Fellowship was inspirational to the young residents.

Did you know that GSU campus ministry is a great place to be when you can’t go home? Ask some of the Caribbean students from the Commonwealth of Dominica.

GSU Campus Ministry/Wesley Foundation passed its site visit and was granted a 2007 grant and the re-appointment of Rev. Breaux to Grambling State University and Trinity UMC, Ruston.

To contact Rev. Connie please call 318-274-3135.

To serve as a GSU-SWAT leader please contact Alex Brunson Vision of campus ministry- Active student leadership and participation centered and focused on the Divine Creator.