To Be or not to be……..Greek

Did you ever watch Spike Lee’s "School Daze" growing up and wonder if you would one day share the same college experience? Maybe you caught an episode of "The Parkers" and thought after seeing Kim pledge AAA, all sorority life was exactly the same. Well, contrary to popular belief, everything you see on television or hear about Greek life is not true. In fact being Greek is not for everyone. Now you may think of that as a harsh statement but there is some validity to it. Joining a Greek fraternity or sorority is a beautiful, rewarding experience. You develop a bond that lasts a lifetime, meet people you otherwise might not have met, and experience things you might have not experienced. You learn the meaning of sisterhood and brotherhood, and endeavor to portray these ideals in every aspect of life. However, don’t get caught in the hype that everything in the Greek world is peachy, because it isn’t. Some people join these organizations for the wrong reasons. For example, some motives are self-gratifying, such as popularity, wearing paraphernalia, chanting at games, stepping in shows, strolling at parties, or even gaining the attention of a future mate. While these particular Greeks may be seen at only the social activities, others can be spotted picking up trash, serving the elderly, promoting health awareness, or even embracing a former friend or classmate. Several of the before-mentioned examples can be considered disturbing but the stereotypes of Greekdom exist and can be a hard pill to swallow. Oftentimes people place Greeks on pedestals and believe that we can’t do anything wrong. But let one person of a particular organization do something wrong or not appropriate in the public eye, and the entire organization’s image is at stake. When one becomes Greek there is a thin line between individualism and Greek association. Think about it, when the student body knows that you are Greek you are seen in a different light. You are no longer Jane, the nursing major from Mississippi; you are Jane, the Delta, who dates Joe, the Kappa. Then, there is there is the recent rumor that Greeks are devil worshippers. That’s right people actually believe that we are atheists. My e-mail account has been bombarded with disturbing e-mails and links to websites that degrade the character of people who hold membership in the Divine Nine. Just recently several Greek organizations on campus found ransom-like notices on their spots accusing us of being devil worshippers and stupid, crazed individuals. Then, demeaning flyers were placed around campus regarding the same matter. I believe that this action was truly unnecessary, immature, and maybe even a sign of prior rejection. If the individuals involved in these activities were that convinced that we worship the devil, when all of our respective organizations are based on Christian principles and practices, they are more ignorant than they think we are, and are wasting their time preaching to the wrong choir. Why not put up flyers announcing an upcoming church event, an AIDS screening location, or a school tutoring program? Then perhaps, I would not be so disgruntled about the tree in the rainforest that could have been saved if that type of foolishness had not been created. I am a true believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinions; but please have your facts straight before you spread false information. My advice to anyone aspiring to be Greek is to conduct extensive research on the organization you are interested in. Observe the chapter on your campus but do not base your decision on its members; base it on the ideals and principles that they are govern by. If those principles compromise your character in any way then that organization is not the one for you. Remember that you make the organization, don’t let the organization make you. Every one of us is different and unique; therefore, find your gift and share it with the world, whether you do it with the colors of crimson and crAme or the pride of the American dream. Do you and do you well and that’s all that counts.