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By Rae’ Dawn L. Johnson

Gramblinite staff


"I couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with this semester."

Freshman Anica Lymus expresses her enthusiasm for this year’s Talent Show which took place Tuesday in GSU’s Spring Fest 2006.

Curtis Arrington and Shaun Cobbs have been the hosts of the talent show since 2003.

This year, the two hosts opened the show by taking turns sharing a thrown and being pampered by beautiful women, as if they were the kings of the talent show.

"I’ve been hosting the show for a while and since it was my last time (hosting); I felt that Shaun and I should let it be known that we are the kings of the show," Arrington said.

The talent show not only included musical acts but the audience was also entertained with humorous skits between performances. The skits incorporated the famous talk show "Maury" and even poked fun at our campus’ water situation with their innovative fraternity Water Phi Water, which was created by the hosts and their dear friends Derrick Mosley and Russell Cummings.

"I’m not hosting the show any more because I’ve never gotten a chance to watch it," Arrington says. "I want to see if anyone else will step up to the plate and host it." Even though this might be Arrington and Cobbs last time hosting the talent show the student body will always remember their theatrical and hilarious effect they had on the show. "Even though I love hosting the show, I’m still sleeping on whether or not I’ll do it again," Cobbs explained. "But I still will think of new ideas on how to host the show in the future."






By Patrick Thompson

Gramblinite staff


Once again the comedians chosen for Springfest put on an amazing show. J Lamont, Leon Rogers, and Damon Williams all came together to put on a show that all in attendance will be talking about for some time.

Leon Rogers kicked the comedy show off with his always funny introduction. Rogers over the years has been known to come out after being introduced and then reintroducing himself again after "rewinding" the initial introduction. He also served as the "host" for this year’s talent show. Rogers’ act also featured what some called the funniest part of the show when he directed some jokes towards the law enforcement present at the show.

The second comedian to grace the T.H. Harris Auditorium stage was J Lamont. While his presentation differed from both Rogers and Williams those in attendance also were pleased with his performance. Lamont’s show featured criticism of newer "commercial" music that was followed by the beat-boxing of some popular "oldies but goodies." Many students felt that Lamont was funny but his style of comedy might have better fit an older audience. His show also featured impersonations of what Prince and Michael Jackson would sound like if they did the weather for CNN.

The last comedian to bless those in attendance was Damon Williams. Williams made sure that the audience understood that his style of comedy may seem rather controversial but it’s all in fun. His show featured him talking about his time as a mentor in the Big Brother program. It also featured him talking about how he witnessed two deaf people argue.

In all every one in attendance had nothing but good things to say about the show; Senior Business Major from Monroe Sharell Wilson "I really enjoyed the show…all the comedians brought something different to the stage…it was great."


DARRYL D. SMITH/The Gramblinite

J. Lamont, Ronnie Jordon, and Damon Williams tickled GSU’s funny bone during the 2006 TigerFest Comedy Show, hosted by the Favrot Student Union Board.