Student offers helpful study hints for finals

The end of the semester is finally here, and that means finals are looming like dark clouds for some students. If you are like me, and a number of students we tend to wait until the night before the final to cram a semester’s worth of learning into one night in order to pass the final. In attempting to study like this, we worry and stress ourselves out. This article will give some advice on how to avoid this, and have peace of mind. Finals week is always a crazy time for us students. There’s a lot of material to study in a very short time. Hopefully, these tips will make this week go as smoothly as possible:

    Start early. You should have been studying all semester to avoid cramming the night before the final. But since most of us don’t, you should try to start studying at least one week in advance.     

    Know what to study. Find out what the test will cover so you will know what to study. If you are unsure ask your professor if you don’t know what material will be covered on the final.

    Know the type of test. This is important to know because there are different ways to study for different types of tests. For example, a multiple-choice or true/false test, you may have to know specific details, which requires paying more attention to detail when studying. For an essay test, you will have to study topics in a broader sense because you will have to be more analytical.

    Study what you don’t know. We don’t realize it, but many of us study what we already know and then don’t have enough time to study information that we are not familiar with.

    Know how the professor tests. Has the professor previously tested on information from the book, lecture, or a combination of both? Most of the time, professors will take test questions from both, but sometimes a professor will just test from their lectures.

     Budget your time. Studying for six hours straight will burn a person out, so make sure you give yourself enough time to take breaks while studying. Doing so will recharge your energy.

    Pick a place to study. A good studying environment will allow you to better retain information, so pick a place that is conducive to your needs.

    Study your way. You’ve been in school long enough to know which form of studying works best for you. Some people learn most efficiently by reading, some by listening, and some by writing. Just remember that repetition is key.

    Stay healthy. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat healthy during this stressful week. If you stay up late and eat junk food, your brain will not have enough energy to function to its fullest capacity. Finals tend to have different affects on us all. Some can handle the pressure, and others have the opposite response to it. Hopefully following these tips may help the stress and help you study better so you can receive high scores.