Kappas bring new faces to old traditions

The Spring 2006 line of the Kaptivating brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. made its grand entrance on campus last month. The line was very diverse, filled with men aspiring to do great things for the university. "What I enjoyed most about being on line was bonding with my brothers," Michael Terrell said. "What’s very unique about our line is we are all different and hold different views and opinions on a lot of things, yet we still respect each other and get along accordingly." The probate was exciting and the crowd was very pleased with the young men presented. "I wouldn’t call it a probate, I would say it was more of a show," Demetrius Scott said. Justin Gay agreed, stating he was very excited to perform for the crowd, because the people were very congratulatory and he felt it was a beautiful experience. "The probate was very fun. Practices leading up to the probate were great because that was a reminder that being on line was almost over," Terrell said. Every organization has a unique way of getting the attention of prospective members, be it through fliers for events or the success of the administrators for the organization; however, Kappa Alpha Psi takes a different approach. "I was attracted to this organization because I thought the members were very impressive in the way they carried themselves," Gay said. "I like the fact that everything is always business with the Kappas." Pole March Elect Aubrey Jackson said the men of Kappa Alpha Psi are very business oriented in that they dress business-like daily and are always seeking advancement as far as business is concerned. He said the men are encouraged to dress for success daily. The stereotype of the members in this organization is they are supposed to be "pretty boys, light skinned, curly hair and always dressed in slacks, polos and square-toed hard bottom shoes." "I don’t think a lot of my line brothers fit the ‘stereotype’ for our organization," Terrell said. "I don’t even believe in that whole stereotype. I think it is unfair to say that organizations limit the intake of the members to their skin color and hair texture. That is ridiculous!" Jackson said he doesn’t consider himself a "pretty boy" or think he’s better than anyone. He said he is just trying to better himself as a person. Gay, however, said he is pretty on his left and his right. Scott says he feels he fits the "assumption" of the organization because he is handsome, confident and has a nice swagger. Being on line for an organization can be taxing and tiring. The members of the ’06 line were anxious to get back into the groove of things. "I felt like after being on line I didn’t know anything about current events on Grambling’s campus," Scott said. "It felt like I stepped on campus for the first time all over again." All members agreed that the greatest benefit of being a part of their organization is the networking. Some have already been promised internships, jobs or positions in other organizations. The young men said they love being members of their organization and want to achieve major successes, not only on campus but in the work force as well.