It’s easy to give credit where credit is due

I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back with the write-off. Over the past few years, I have seen many elected officials do nothing. Sadly, the number of elected officials doing nothing in comparison to the persons actually doing work is a bit uneven. Many people decide to vote for certain individuals because either they dress nice, have money, their parents held a position or their parents wanted to hold a position. I’m not trying to ‘cook’ anybody but I feel that if you’re going to run on the merit of your parents, you should at least hold the position up with pride. I’ve witnessed one individual who lost last year’s SGA vice president position still work as if she had won. She is actually involved in over eight organizations on campus and is dedicated to all of them. Tanisha Cousby shows me as a peer that you can juggle multiple responsibilities and maintain decent grades. I’m not saying that she’s only doing this in a result of losing the election. Cousby has been involved in these organization since stepping onto the campus of Grambling State University. I often feel that sometimes we overlook individuals who are just like ourselves in order to vote for the person who has "that look" that everyone feels has to be the face of the institution. I commend Cousby on being courageous enough to continue to put her peers first and not play petty politics. She has exemplified a true Black woman. One willing to continue to finish a task no matter what stumbling blocks she has to endure along the way. Some believe that this year’s SGA election, which Cousby monitored, was out of control. But I think it was the best yet. I’ve seen Cousby run around this campus making sure all candidates were not in violation of the election codes. Many say we, The Gramblinite staff, criticize without any facts. But students, take a look at everything that was done this year and tell me if anything was noteworthy. I asked the student body last year to listen at me and be careful who to vote for in the elections. You didn’t. And you see that we paid the cost this year in our student administration because few campaign promises got fulfilled. What we all should do is to commend Cousby on her will to make sure the student’s voice is being heard.