Hatching a star at GSU

Before last weekend’s NFL Draft few people could recall knowledge of Jason Hatcher, but after being the 92nd overall pick (third round), many are taking notice. Hatcher was the first player and only player drafted representing GSU. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. Hatcher never imagined that he would be sitting in front of a television on the NFL draft day having butterflies wondering when his name would be called. "I quit playing football in high school because I thought I was better at basketball and my senior year my football coach talked me into coming back," said Hatcher. Late in the third round Hatcher began to get worried because his name hadn’t been called. A few minutes later his phone rang; on the phone was Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. As a result Hatcher immediately broke down into tears of joy. "I had just told my wife that if I didn’t get picked here, it wasn’t going to happen today," said Hatcher when asked about what was going on in his head before he got the call. "It was amazing, because to this day, some people here in Grambling don’t know who I am" said Hatcher, when asked about how it felt to be drafted on the first day despite the lack of publicity due to the outstanding play of Bruce Eugene. Hatcher also explained that the lack of publicity motivated him to give it his all and prove doubters wrong. Hatcher received no preseason honors (All-SWAC, All-American, etc.). He also credited his wife and kids as motivation to continue to keep playing. Because Hatcher was drafted in the third round, he is guaranteed a contract, which is still in the negotiation stages. Players that are taken on the first day of the draft (the first three rounds) are guaranteed contracts; while those taken on the second day (rounds four through seven) must compete for the opportunity to sign with the team.

Hatcher reported to Cowboys mini-camp Friday.