Facebook is no more at Grambling State

The trend of the academic school year 2005- 2006 was Facebook and Myspace. Every day, students gathered around the computers of Jacob T. Stewart (JTS) and the library to check their messages several times a day.

Checking Myspace and Facebook all came to an abrupt halt, however, when the library and JTS computers no longer had access to those particular websites.

"Not having access to Facebook and Myspace is like not being able to check your email," Alonzo Blalock said. "Facebook was a very easy way for me to keep in contact with my high school friends and the people on campus that I can’t personally say hello on a daily."

Taking away the two websites from the computers in JTS and the library was a huge inconvenience because some students don’t have computers in their rooms.

"I am upset that I pay to use the computers in the lab and the library and I can’t even visit the websites I want to visit," Subaya Blount said.

Before Facebook and Myspace, students visited the lab to do papers and other homework assignments. Some students have lost track of the reason they are in school and have consumed their time with Facebook.

"I have gotten distracted many times in the lab because I wanted to check my messages and not do my work," Joia Vallery said. "I always have papers to write for my classes but it seems like when I get access to a computer I always end up checking Facebook."

Many students have complained they can never get any of their work done because other students are in the lab using the computers to get on, the now forbidden websites.

"I am actually happy that there is no Facebook and Myspace," said Brandon Scott. "I get frustrated every time I go to the lab and get ready to use the computer and I have to wait on someone to finish checking Facebook or Myspace."

Students argue that there should be a compromise between the students and the administrative authoritarian who enforced the new policy. Durell Marshall said Facebook should be allowed either on designated computers in JTS and the library or access should be granted for a limited tine of thirty minutes daily for each student.